Medical check-up

The past medical history and the current state of health influence the targets we set for improvement. I will take a full athletometry to determine your body status and to have a base to work on.

Body composition


Fat analysis with Bio-Impedance-Analysis
The bio-impedance analysis allows a precise measurement of the compartments of the body. In addition to the normal weight it allows me to evaluate how much of the mass is actually muscle mass and how much is „useless“ fat mass.

Fat analysis with caliper method
The caliper measurement is well established in the scientific community and allows to differenciate between muscle mass, fat mass and other mass.


Mesomorph ? Ectomorph ? Endomorph ? This measurement allows me to establish a guideline to treat your body. Some gain muscle easily, others have trouble to grow at all. This measurement has an influence on the workout and nutrition plan. This measurement is done according to a standardized and validated somatotyping guideline.


With each check-up, all the stats get measured and compared to previous values. Growth can therefore be measured objectively. Only such thorough and accurate measurement using documentation can reveal your strengths and weaknesses which can then be used as levers to maximize your gains.


Laboratory analysis

Laboratory analysis gives information about the organs‘ health of body organs and body metabolism. I can interpret your laboratory results using a standard Swiss certified lab analysis can be done in the city. The results are usually available within 24h and allow the precise measurement for better planning.  Alternatively, you may choose to have lab tests done elsewhere.

Other medical tests

Other medical tests are available upon request at other medical specialists.