Patient history

The target is to gather data about your medical history and genetics, motivation, current nutrition, workout and supplements to get an overall picture of where we stand from day one.

We are to a point limited by our genetics, however the other four factors can be influenced to  create a synergy for muscle growth and for you to achieve your goals.

I need to know why you’re motivated to grow. Is it just to gain 3-4kg of muscle in order to play volleyball? Or is it about a bodybuilding contest? Or do you want to grow as big as possible? A highly motivated athlete has the most success. Therefore, I want to know what motivates you, what drives you to achieve your goal.

Nutrition, after motivation, can easily said to be the most important factor for success. The selected foods, their order and timing  is important and plays a vital role in growth and development.

Workouts must be intense because the body uses energy from ptimized nutrition to make the right bumps at the right spots ! Intensity techniques including micro, meso and macro cycles produce constant stimulation for growth.

It is not just about the actual weight, it is about learning how to lift the weights in order to achieve the optimum muscle stimulation through controlled movement. Therefore, minimising risk of injury.


Much is written about supplements most of it without any good evidence.  Any thing I recommend, will have a good scientific backing for it.

Based on genetics, the motivation builds through good nutrition and adequate training and supplements more muscle mass.

Based on genetics, the motivation builds through good nutrition and appropriate training and supplements in order to gain more muscle mass. Limited only by the weakest of all parts, the hidden potential can be unlocked, until the genetic limit is reached.