the flow during a consultation

the flow during a consultation

A consultation aims to draw a current picture of you and of the things you do in order to perform better. I will collect any information I can get in terms of medical information, workout information, nutrition and motivation. To complete this, i will take a measurement where I will get detailed insight into your body and it’s composition. This then allows me, after a thorough assessment, to create plans for you which suit your needs.

As an athlete, you want to trust in the advice you get from your doctor. It’s important to build this trust from the first meeting on. As with any other consultation our interaction is private and confidential.  None of your information is shared with any other parties.

The more I know about your body, the better I can help you achieve your personal best.
Any consultation is happening at my practice or via skype upon appointment.  What you must consider as costs.
Consultation follows the following order:Measures

What I expect from you as an athlete.