Workout instructions


In principle, there are several variants to intensify your training. The most widely-known are the increase of the weight or the number of repetitions. One can divide intensive techniques into three variants: The intensification of a exercise, the coupling of different sets and the optimization of the training units. These methods are quasi independent and can be combined at will. Pay attention that some training techniques are very intensive and require, accordingly, sufficient regeneration. These intensive techniques are not for beginners and are to be used by experienced athletes only. You need a motivating training partner or a strong will, in order to be able to implement these intensity techniques. They are much exerting. A lighter pain with intensity techniques in the muscle is quite normal and even desired. Pain in joints or chords however, is not normal and you should stop training that bodypart as long as the pain persists. If you have muscular strain, you should not train the muscle concerned and/or only very easily. Its growth is no longer promoted and the risk for serious injuries rises. The intensity rises proportionally with the weight and the repetitions. Train accordingly – always heavy weights or many repetitions.


With the use of different intensity techniques keeping track of work out routines is highly important. With good knowledge of each intensity technique, you can use them spontaneously during workout. Others require a good planning and a consistent execution. If you desire a constant durable success you have to work your muscles over and over. Planning can be improved varied by proper tracking of the performed training units and more effective methods can be separated from others. Behind each intensive method there are a symbol and a letter in the title, which can be used to document the sets. For example:

„Squats: 8x100R4R6 “is a set with 8 times 100kg with reduction set 4x70kg and 6x50kg.”
„Bench press: 12×50 8×100+2 6×110+2 8′ x70C4 “ means: 12 times 50kg, second set with 8x 100kg and 2 intensive repetitions and 5 times 110kg with 2 intensive repetitions. As final set 70kg countdown set started with 8 seconds and 4 final reps.