WorkoutexampleRequest a calculated workout routine

First, download this file TP_Entrysheet. It contains the necessary rows to be filled out for the calculation.

The idea behind the sheet is to evaluate the proper weight you can lift 10x in a row in a steady flowing movement. You should be able to do 3 sets without going down in weight. With the sets, reps and the weights I can then calculate the new workout plan.

At the gym

Take a weight you feel comfortable with to warm up. Don’t do more than 10 reps. Then guess the weight you can lift for 10 reps,based on how the weight just felt. Was it light, take much more, was it just ok, only add a little. Try to find the weight where your 10th reps is just the last one and the 11th is the failure rep. Rest no longer than two minutes between the sets. If you don’t find the appropriate weight, just take the reps and the weight closest to 10. The fourth set is just as reserve.

At any exercise you don’t have a weight (e.g. dips), either just count the seconds for one complete movement and stay with this amount until you’ve done the reps you can, or note your bodyweight with any additional weight. Note both, the seconds or the weight and the reps. Try to slow your movement down so that you meet the requirement of 10 reps.

At home

Fill in your name, the workout number and the bodypart, exercise, and mark your weight you lifted 10 times on the sheet in the first five orange rows.

The line for the weight steps is used to define the steps which are available to you. Most common steps are: 2.5kg (5 lbs), 5kg (10lbs), 1 plate.

The last line is to write the maximal weight available. Not the one you can lift, but the actual maximal weight on the machine.

Then email me the complete file for the calculations.


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