Whey or Aminos?

A friend of mine recents boasted about his post-workout shake. A very elaborate mixture of glutamine, BCAAs and other ingredients.

Now, I asked myself.. ist that clever?

Whey is made up by of the following amino acids:

Aminos in whey protien

Aminos in whey protien

1/6th of whey protein is glutamine, 1/4 are BCAAs and 1/4 are other semi- or essential amino acids. 1/3 of it are non-essential amino acids. That means in 30g of Whey, you find 5g glutamine, 7.5g BCAAs, 7.5g other essential and 10g non-essential amino acids.

Now the question was, if whey or it’s amino acids are better for muscle growth, but this one is not yet fully scientifically answered: A study from Kanda et al. showed that a “complete” whey increases the muscle protein synthesis better than it’s amino-acid parts, despite showing up in the blood the same way.

Therefore: As a snack or after the gym: Better a whey than an expensive mix of amino acids.

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