Evidence based athletic performance

Dr. med. Samuel Iff

Dr. med. Samuel Iff

Muscle growth is not coincidence, but the direct result of your actions. So, make growth an inevitability.

Samuel Iff, MD MSc MM Clin Epi

Clinical Epidemiologist
Specialist in occupational and prevention medicine

I graduated as a medical doctor in 2004 in Switzerland and completed my training as a specialist in preventative medicine in 2012.

During my training I worked in internal  medicine, clinical research, clinical nutrition,  pathology and the field of metabolism.

My first visit to a gym was over 25 years ago and my passion for sport has grown ever since, this together with my medical background and training to date has lead to a sound  knowledge base around workouts, applied sports nutrition, sports physiology and sport injuries.  I apply this knowledge in everyday practice and the advice that I give athletes.

Due to my profession and the career path I have taken within it,  evidence is very important to me and I always seek the best available research to support my claims.

I offer a range of services specialising in evidence based medicine for sports, fitness and bodybuilding.

In sports, many different disciplines come together to create winners. Driven by unbreakable motivation, the athlete pushes himself every day to go past his own limits. Supported by good nutrition, the body of the athlete during training times and during competition, so that they can perform at their best. In combination with rigorous workouts and proven training schemes the athlete is pushed beyond their own limits and becomes someone new.

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