Know who you trust

The internet provides a lot of information for those who seek it. The problem is always how to be sure if it is true or not. This problem is especially big when it comes to bodybuilding sources. Sometimes you get conflicting information, sometimes you get an “expert opinion” and sometimes you don’t get anything at all. The internet is a place where everyone can be an “expert”. Be vary of commercial interests of writers, even if they might seem independent.

Be careful what or whom you trust online. Best source for scientific information is Pubmed. Even on pubmed, you find literature which might be doubtful, so look for systematic reviews or randomized controlled trials.

Best is to look for someone who has no commercial interests, has a sound scientific knowledge and the proof to back it up.

However, if something is not found so easily, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. Science has done a lot of work already, and has found proof of how things work, without that being spread in every forum you read.

I recommend ( and ( as good resources for quick scientific information.


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