Snacks while being away

How can I maintain my diet while I am traveling? I don’t want it to be too difficult, as traveling as such is already too time consuming…

It’s not easy to maintain a reasonable diet when you’re travelling. So quick snacks come in handy:

  1. Cottage cheese. A good low carb variant of protein source. Add veggies if you find it too boring.
  2. Greek yoghurt / Icelandic yoghurt/ Quark. Add fruits to add taste, usually a great combo if you’re not away from a fridge for too long.
  3. Rice pudding. Add a spoon of whey into it and.. YUM!
  4. Canned tuna. Mix with some corn, some tomatoes and some olives. Healthy quick snack. Can be prepared in advance easily.
  5. Protein pancakes. Mix a few extra spoons of vanilla protein powder in your pancake mix and bake as usual. They are cold and warm a treat. Alternatively mix 100g oats, 4 eggs, 2 scoops protein powder and 100g of cottage cheese for a slow carb variant.
  6. Dried meat. All sorts of dried meat (e.g. beef jerky). Take small salamis and smoked meats if you’re on a low-carb diet.
  7. Trail mix. Either take the prepared ones from the store, or mix almonds, pecans, dried soy beans, pumpkin seeds and any other nut you like to chew… If you want to add some carbs, just toss in some dried fruit like apricots, sultanas, plums, cranberries, mangoes and apple rings.
  8. Wraps. Take a whole wheat tortilla, fill it with some pre-cooked meat, add tomatoes, cucumber, corn and a dash of mayonnaise. Done – delicious. (Better store in a cool place though)
  9. Protein bar. A bit more expensive but usually very tasty variant while travelling
  10. Protein shake. Needs water and a shaker, but does the job