Q&A – odd cramps after elliptical

Hey Doc. Question for you. I returned to leg training with a vengeance in November and December, working squats, dead lifts, lunges that had fallen off my routine. Now my quads are kinda tender to pressure, as in when I do back extensions. After I put 20 minutes in on the elliptical, I’ll squat down to stretch the quads and it feels like I’m stretching against a minor cramp. I’ve checked my water intake. I take Mg/Ca/K tablets. I have started to roll out my quads (which seems to help). A gym bro uggested citruline. Any suggestions? Ideas on what’s going on in my quads? My hunch is that I ramped up my quad workout very fast and maybe I didn’t allow the muscle fiber to adjust/grow.

Hey! So, Citrulline won’t help here. Those are typical “exhaustion cramps”. You don’t give them enough rest, so no Mg, K or whatever will cure those cramps. But they are nothing to worry about ;they just say you did a great job on the elliptical. The feeling will fade away within minutes and you should NOT stretch them away. Otherwise you will tear the Myoson-Actin bonds apart which will slow the regeneration.

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