Focus on the outcome

The target of bodybuilding is the growth of lean muscle mass.

Marketing tricks you into believing in fantastic results and fast progression. That’s not how bodybuilding works. Look at the investment what you have (money, time, effort) and look at the outcome what you get in return.

Whenever you engage in activity, a product or a new action, look and define an outcome what you want to achieve with it. If you take a supplement over the course of 6 months and you don’t find a significant change that can not be attributed to any of your other actions (e.g. diet or workout changes), then drop it. Same goes for a new workout routine. If you don’t get challenged regularly with new impulses for your muscles and you’re not sore, you’re not progressing, but stagnating. Change your workout. If you continuously increase your weight with your diet, and you only get fatter, change your diet.

To be sure what’s happening with your body, measure your body compartments (fat, muscle, other) regularly. So you can objectively check your progress and evaluate your doing.

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