Fatty liver from low-carb food?

I switched recently to low-carb food and some colleagues told me that I will get a fatty liver. Is that true?

No. It is not.

The causesof nonalcoholic fatty liver has not been fully researched. The most widely supported theory implicates insulin resistance as the key mechanism leading to hepatic fat accumulation (steatosis), and perhaps also to steatohepatitis (inflammation of the liver with fatty aspect in the microscope). Others have proposed that a “second hit”, or additional oxidative injury, is required to manifest the inflammatory component . Hepatic iron, leptin, antioxidant deficiencies, and intestinal bacteria have all been suggested as potential oxidative stressors.

So basically, you must either injure your protein metabolism in your liver, or have an excessive carb intake to have a fatty liver. There is little evidence to support the claim that low-carb food does trigger fatty liver. However, this comes with the term moderation. If you bindge on litres of oil every day, chances are that you will get a fatty liver, but purely by the caloric exceess.