What I expect


  • I expect you to work out regularly (as prescribed) and hard at the gym. Hard means that you will be sweating and you feel exhausted after your workout. If you feel like having a chat afterwards, you are likely to have underperformed.
  • I expect you to hurt 24h after the workout from sore muscle. This should not be a constant pain, but a soreness which comes apparent the moment when you flex. This should be over after 48h if you have been eating well.


  • I expect you to stick to the guidelines and eat well according to the rules we have discussed. I have emphasized on the important time-points of nutrition and expect you to be extra careful on those moments to assure your proper nutrition.
  • I expect you to stick to the macro-nutrient rations we have established, as they will fuel your body while you’re reaching the target
  • I expect you to have a cheat day only on the days we agreed on.