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Category: exercise

Getting high on concentration curls

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Concentration curls are great to get your biceps to scream. Some, however, have problems with the exercise as they have shoulder pain that prevents them to do it properly. There’s an option at the cable tower for those, which I recommend when your shoulder is painful while doing the exercise: Preparation Face the cable grip […]

Biceps rolls

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Biceps rolls are a great exercise to “finish” your biceps off after good workout. It’s a mix of auxoton exercise with some emphasis on a constant tension of the upper arm muscles. Start with holding a plate weight in front of you, like you would hold a steering wheel. One hand is at the top, the other […]

Chest wipers

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This exercise is to improve the chest movement when doing cross-overs doesn’t stimulate your chest muscles to the max. Stand in the middle of cable towers and set the height of the cables at your shoulder height. Take the grips and pull the right one like a cable fly to the middle (use the right hand […]

Angel flys

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This exercise is like the snow angels you might have done as a kid. The target musculature is the chest. Angel flys keep the chest muscle under constant tension and work all the angles possible. Lay down on a horizontal bench and take a set of light dumbells like for flys. Move the dumbells simultaneously […]

Anterior rotation

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Anterior rotation is a chest exercise which is similar to the pull-overs but has an additional element to keep the chest always under tension in addition to the regular exercise. Beginning: Kneel between the cable towers and grab the handles. Keep the arms wide and open, and slightly above your shoulder level. Pull the weights […]