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Category: gym visit

Loaded Gym

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During my stay in Denmark, I had the opportunity to work out at loaded gym. I went there based on a recommendation from @falby1. And it was truly a great experience. Weights and machines Everything you need for a decent workout. Four power racks, two cable cross towers, fixed barbells (and EZ-bars) and dumbbells up to 100kg. […]

Monster gym

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Close to my home, opened it’s first gym. It’s aimed at bodybuilders and strength athletes. I had a nice workout there and will be seen there more often, since Project M is one of the trainers there… I loved it because it had plenty of heavy weights, lots of clever machines to work out […]

Gym visit in Berlin

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While a short trip to Berlin I had the chance to work out in High5 in Berlin. It’s quite good to work out there and not very crowded. I liked the sign that they have on the door frame quite a lot 🙂