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The fallacy of protein content

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Just recently I saw a post where a guy said to a sick bodybuilder: “Eat a lot of amaranth and quinoa, so you won’t loose muscle while you’re sick”. It’s not only about protein content. It’s also about protein quality and digestability. Protein has been “quantified” in it’s “usefulness” for the body. This originates in […]

Focus on the outcome

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The target of bodybuilding is the growth of lean muscle mass. Marketing tricks you into believing in fantastic results and fast progression. That’s not how bodybuilding works. Look at the investment what you have (money, time, effort) and look at the outcome what you get in return. Whenever you engage in activity, a product or […]

Ketogenic diet in bodybuilders

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Today, I was asked why I do not recommend a ketogenic diet more often, because it is so good to lose fat and build muscle. This may be true, but under following conditions: It must be hypocaloric, the workout is super strenuous and the athlete experienced. Most people want to build muscle. The biochemical 1×1 sets […]

Whey or Aminos?

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A friend of mine recents boasted about his post-workout shake. A very elaborate mixture of glutamine, BCAAs and other ingredients. Now, I asked myself.. ist that clever? Whey is made up by of the following amino acids: 1/6th of whey protein is glutamine, 1/4 are BCAAs and 1/4 are other semi- or essential amino acids. 1/3 of […]

Snacks while being away

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How can I maintain my diet while I am traveling? I don’t want it to be too difficult, as traveling as such is already too time consuming… It’s not easy to maintain a reasonable diet when you’re travelling. So quick snacks come in handy: Cottage cheese. A good low carb variant of protein source. Add […]